Dental Token Machine, Holly Springs, NC

Children respond well to selecting a toy each visit from our dental token machine.

Dental Token Machine in Holly Springs, North CarolinaYour dental practice in Holly Springs, North Carolina most likely looks for as many ways as possible to put children at ease so they won’t be apprehensive about dental cleanings. You can set the foundation for them to have a lifetime of proper dental care when you get them past those initial fears. Having a welcoming environment for children is a great start, and here at Triangle Treasure Toys, we can be a part of that.

We can bring a dental token machine to your office that dispenses toys one at a time using special tokens that we’ll supply you with. You simply hand each child a token when they are done with their exam, and they can choose which toy they want from our treasure tower. Since the toys are kept sealed up until they fall into the child’s hands, they are completely sanitary, which is a far improvement to a traditional treasure box that children rummage through to find what they want.

A dental token machine with toys for younger and older children is a better option than having a candy machine in your office. Rather than encouraging sweets, you are sending each child home with a toy that will remind them how much fun your dental office was. When their parents tell them it’s time for their next visit, they’ll remember the reward at the end and feel happier about visiting.

If you would like to know more about our treasure towers, reach out today. We can bring a dental token machine to your office, stock it, and discuss a schedule for coming back to keep it fully stocked.