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Parents and staff alike rave about the numerous benefits of the Treasure Tower versus the problematic toy box. Unlike the toy box, a Treasure Tower reward needs to be earned. When you compare this to a toy box prize that everyone can choose, better behaviors are going to be exhibited. In addition to the toy box feeling not very special or exciting, the Treasure Tower is going to be cleaner. Since the Treasure Tower has encapsulated toys, the children can choose their toy from a great machine that resembles a large, multi-section gumball tower. This ensures that toys are kept clean and safe.

Many places can benefit from our creative treasure tower rewards system.

The Treasure Tower is much more than just an alternative way to give a child a toy following their appointment. The Treasure Tower is a reward/incentive program which motivates young patients to behave better and be less fearful during their dental, medical or other type of office visit. Children find the courage to be more cooperative so as to “earn” their Super Patient token(s) to take to the Treasure Tower. Ultimately, the reward isn’t as much about the toy as it is about earning their token(s) and the “event” of going shopping at the Treasure Tower.

About Us

Welcome to Triangle Treasure Toys! We are located the Holly Springs, North Carolina area and serve most of the state of North Carolina. If your business has youthful customers, then we have a fabulous behavior modification system that will save you time and money. We supply the Treasure Tower reward system to medical professionals, schools, and businesses in your area. Your young customers will absolutely love it, your office will love the changes in behavior it motivates, and you will find you have a winning combination.



Reward your young patients for coming to the dentist.


Doctors love our unique rewards system!


Improve classroom behavior with a Treasure Tower.

What Our Clients Say

We have a pediatric dental office, and we reward our young patients after each visit. All of our patients are thrilled to have a variety of choices of toys to choose from. They like to use the dispenser by themselves and choose from the colorful and fun prizes. Our staff and patients really enjoy the toy dispenser.
– J. Bekker, D.M.D.

We had been looking for a machine like this for some time but could not find one that suited our purposes. The Treasure Tower is just what we had been looking for. We can keep control of how many toys the kids receive. If we want someone to get more than one toy, it is our choice. The children just love our Treasure Tower. I would recommend the Treasure Tower to any office. It has been a very fun addition.
– S. McIff, D.D.S.

The Treasure Tower is used to encourage good behavior and for vaccinations in our office. We see less crying from children who know they get to go to the Treasure Tower after going through a difficult procedure. It helps increase future repeat visits to our office, as it decreases anxiety in children and they look forward to coming back to our office so they can visit the Treasure Tower again.
– East Cobb Pediatrics

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