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The Treasure Tower is ideal for dental patient rewards!

At Triangle Treasure Toys, we want to help dental offices create a sense of order and calm for younger patients with great dental patient rewards. Since its creation in 2001, the Treasure Tower has proven to be the best dental patient rewards program to both motivate and reward children in dental facilities nationwide! It replaces the old, unsanitary toy box or treasure chest used by these locations for decades. The Treasure Tower offers eight different selections of novelty toys, bouncy balls and jewelry items, all contained in eight separate compartments using as little as 18 square inches of floor space. There are even “dental toys” and Xylitol mints and gum from which to choose, any of which make ideal dental patient rewards. The Treasure Tower keeps the toys organized and sanitary and provides a fun and orderly way for the toys to be distributed to patients without the costly need of staff supervision.

Children are awarded Super Patient Tokens during and/or after their procedure. More than just a way to award a prize, the Treasure Tower and tokens act as an effective motivator for children and helps them find the inner strength and desire to be helpful and cooperative in situations where they might normally feel anxious or be tempted to act out. The token system also keeps costs to a minimum since only one toy can be obtained per token awarded.

More than 10 million children a year in over 4,000 locations nationwide are currently being rewarded and experiencing the fun of going to the Treasure Tower. Children are less anxious about dental visits and actually look forward to return visits and the opportunity to earn a Super Patient token to be used at the Treasure Tower. If you would like to learn more about our dental patient rewards or the Treasure Tower for your dental office in Holly Spring, North Carolina or another location, please contact us today.

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