We have six Treasure Towers in our 22-doctor office at West Wichita Family Physicians. We are very pleased with not only how the Treasure Towers work, but also with how well they are maintained. Our physicians carry the tokens in their pockets so they can hand them to the little patients themselves. They also like the cleanliness of the dispensing of the treasures to their patients. Our representative also has tubby toys for patients under three years of age, so we get everything we need from one source! Dr. Lauer says, “The smile on the young patient’s face when I hand them a token is priceless!” Dr. Reiswig says, “I like to see the excitement in their little faces when I reach in my pocket for a token.” Lastly, Dr. Derksen says, “Their little eyes dance when they get to choose something from the Treasure Tower!” We would recommend the Treasure Tower to any business that is in the business of caring for children.
– West Wichita Family Physicians

We had been looking for a machine like this for some time but could not find one that suited our purposes. The Treasure Tower is just what we had been looking for. We can keep control of how many toys the kids receive. If we want someone to get more than one toy, it is our choice. The children just love our Treasure Tower. I would recommend the Treasure Tower to any office. It has been a very fun addition.
– S. McIff, D.D.S.

We have used two Treasure Towers in our office for the last few years, and our patients have loved them. The Treasure Tower is very low-maintenance, and it allows our children many choices. In the past, we used a basket full of prizes, but the Treasure Tower allows a very sanitary and effective way of rewarding patients. The children look forward to coming to the office because they know after their appointment they will get a token to pick out a prize. The Treasure Tower is not only an effective way of rewarding the patient, but it is very affordable as well.
– Riverton Family Health Center

Families First Pediatrics certainly enjoys the Treasure Tower. In the past we had a treasure box where our pediatric patients could choose from different prizes. One problem we encountered was that we had sick children shuffling through all the prizes and thus spreading germs. The Treasure Tower has eliminated that problem. The Treasure Tower creates external motivation for not fearing the doctor’s office as much. There have even been instances when children have asked to see the doctor so they could get a token. We give every child who comes for an appointment a token regardless of the type of appointment. Parents have commented that because of the Treasure Tower, tokens, and prizes, their children don’t mind coming in for the inevitable doctor’s visit. The Treasure Tower has brought many bright smiles and comfort to many children who may have otherwise left our office with a gloomy feeling.
– Family First Pediatrics

Kids love the Treasure Tower. We make sure they see it as they come in so they are excited to get a prize after the visit. They love to explore and choose a prize, and it is much more fun than stickers. It gives our office a friendly, fun atmosphere. We give out tokens to visiting brothers and sisters to help make their wait easier. I would recommend it to other offices. We use it in both of our offices.
– Children’s Cardiovascular Medicine

We have found the Treasure Tower to be a great success in our pediatric office. It has been fun for the kids and also easier for them to receive their shots. Some children even ask for a shot if they know it is the only way to receive a token for the Treasure Tower. For the office staff and doctors, we have enjoyed it because it cuts down on the contamination of illness between other children. We would recommend the Treasure Tower to any healthcare office.
– City Creek Pediatrics, Inc.

The Treasure Tower is used to encourage good behavior and for vaccinations in our office. We see less crying from children who know they get to go to the Treasure Tower after going through a difficult procedure. It helps increase future repeat visits to our office, as it decreases anxiety in children and they look forward to coming back to our office so they can visit the Treasure Tower again.
– East Cobb Pediatrics

It has been our privilege to have Treasure Towers in three of our First Med locations. Stickers are always a hassle to keep neat and in stock, but the Treasure Tower has an assortment of treasures to choose from, which helps our pediatric patients forget their ailments and concentrate on the treat. They scope out what they would like to get from the Treasure Tower ahead of time and then try to be really good for the doctor to obtain the token. Additionally, when the doctor orders something to be done on them they are not happy with, the doctor will present them with the golden token to put in the Treasure Tower to reward them for being brave. The Treasure Towers work well, and we plan to keep them here.
– First Med Urgent Care

We are very happy with the Treasure Tower. It helps streamline our office visits. The kids are so excited about going to visit the Treasure Tower that they cooperate much quicker when getting shots. This helps our office run much smoother, as we can free up a room for the next patient.
– Kids Avenue Pediatrics

We have a pediatric dental office, and we reward our young patients after each visit. All of our patients are thrilled to have a variety of choices of toys to choose from. They like to use the dispenser by themselves and choose from the colorful and fun prizes. Our staff and patients really enjoy the toy dispenser.
– J. Bekker, D.M.D.