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Enjoy the positive behavior results of our tower token machine!

Tower Token Machine, Holly Springs, NCIf you work with children in any capacity, whether as an educator, physician, dentist, or other service, then you know that children’s abilities to regulate their emotions are still developing. Helping children to encourage positive behavior through incentives is very effective and can create positive associations between your place of work and their experience. Choosing a prize or treasure at the end of a visit or as part of a behavioral rewards program is something that many children almost intuitively understand and appreciate. Here at Triangle Treasure Toys, we have a tower token machine that is a beautiful solution to incentives and prizes in Holly Springs, North Carolina and the surrounding areas.

Our tower token machine, the Treasure Tower, is a tower that has 8 different compartments. These compartments are filled with your choice of toys and treasures on a subscription and customizable basis. Toys are CPCS compliant and are tested and then capsulated right here in the USA. Your toys can be customized to the type of service or office you run (such as dental toys or prizes for a dental office) and then filled regularly. No longer will you need to select toys, worry about the cleanliness or orderliness of a prize box, or devote valuable time to these needs. With our tower token machine, children are given a token (or quarter if your token machine is properly outfitted) and allowed to select their prize.

With a tower token machine, only a small amount of space is needed for prizes and incentives while the potential is virtually endless. We would love the chance to tell you more about our prizes and Treasure Tower. For more information, please contact us today.

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