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All Treasure Tower rewards are CPCS compliant and safe.

When it comes to inspiring children, it is usually best to think in terms of rewards for good behavior instead of punishment for adverse behavior. If you are looking to motivate children or put their mind on something fun in what might typically be an anxiety-prone situation, consider a reward system such as the Treasure Tower rewards that we offer at Triangle Treasure Toys. We serve a variety of businesses and offices in the Apex, North Carolina area, including dental and doctor offices, schools, daycares, libraries, dance studios, hair salons, hospitals, photo studios, and more. Anywhere that children go and how they behave affects their experience and yours is an ideal for having a Treasure Tower rewards display.

Treasure Tower Rewards in Apex, North Carolina

Our Treasure Tower takes up just 18 square inches of floor space. It has eight separate compartments so you can choose a variety of toys to be dispensed one at a time using a special token that you provide. All Treasure Tower rewards are CPCS compliant and safe. You choose which motivational toys you want to stock your tower with, and we’ll take care of ordering and restocking for you. You can change your selection at any time, so if you notice that some options aren’t as popular, let us know and we will let you choose something else for that compartment.

If you are looking for a unique way to motivate children, ask us for more information about our Treasure Tower rewards program. We are certain it will be a hit with the children and make your life easier in the process.

Treasure Tower Rewards in Holly Springs, NC


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