Medical Rewards Program, Holly Springs, NC

Your staff and your young patients will love our medical rewards program.

Medical Rewards Program in Holly Springs, North CarolinaIf you have a medical or dental office in the Holly Springs, North Carolina area and you are looking for ways to make a more pleasant experience for your younger patients, you have come to the right place. At Triangle Treasure Toys, we can set your office up with a medical rewards program that delights children. It allows you to provide them with a token after a great visit that they can use to select a toy of their choice from our treasure tower.

All rewards are kept sanitary, which is a better option than a box of toys that all children handle as they look for the one they want. The child simply inserts the token for the toy of their choice and the toy drops into their waiting hands. The premise is much like having a candy machine except they get simple, delightful toys instead. Given that candy might not be the best option for a dentist or medical professional to hand out, our medical rewards program is a clear winner.

Children love our treasure tower because it is fun to look at and makes it easy for them to glance at all the options before making their choice. You can feel good about them having a clean toy and how motivating it can be to encourage them to come for an appointment and maintain their best behavior. Your staff will certainly appreciate that, not to mention they need never worry about restocking the treasure tower, as we take care of that for them. Reach out today to learn more about adding a medical rewards program to your medical or dental practice.