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Our behavior and educational rewards program is simple and effective.

Classroom management is an important part of daily life for educators. Whether you run a classroom, a district or an educational center, we at Triangle Treasure Toys want to help you with an effective educational rewards program. The Treasure Tower is an 8-selection toy dispensing machine placed in various educational facilities. Students receive “Super Student Award” tokens from their teachers or other school authorities as a reward for good behavior and academic achievement. At a predetermined time, students exchange their tokens for toys in the Treasure Tower which is preferably located at a central location such as the main office or the media center. Each of the eight canisters contains its own separate toy, so the children are guaranteed to receive the toy they want.

Educational Rewards Program in Holly Springs, North Carolina

There are many options to use the Treasure Tower in your Holly Springs, North Carolina area school. You can use the Treasure Tower as part of an overall educational rewards program. By offering incentives, educators can utilize the tower for behavior modification, reading incentives (including AR reading), math incentives, lunchroom behavior modifications, homework completion, attendance, PTA/PTO fundraisers, acts of kindness and more. With the distribution of “Super Student” tokens (or quarters, as machines can be outfitted to receive quarters), positive behaviors can be rewarded in a fun, safe, clean manner.

Using the Treasure Tower as part of an educational rewards program can be highly effective. We would love to tell you more about the variety of options that are available to you. For more information, please give us a call today.

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