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Our education token machines are a great way to motivate and reward children.

Education Token Machine in Holly Springs, North CarolinaOne of the challenges of any educator is motivating students. A reward system that encourages good behaviors can go a long way to creating an ideal learning environment. At Triangle Treasure Toys, we work with various schools in the Holly Springs, North Carolina area that are looking to have motivational rewards and prizes for children. Our education token machines are towers filled with rewards that each child can choose from once they have earned a token.

An education token machine is a great option because you are assured that a child only gets what they have earned. In addition, since we handle all the ordering and restocking, you can continue to focus on teaching the children instead of maintaining and securing a box of rewards. Each reward is kept sanitary because the children aren’t rummaging through them.

We are happy to customize which toys are placed in your education token machine because you know best what will motivate the children you spend time with every day. It doesn’t matter if you work with young children or those a bit older– the variety we have to offer has perfect options for most age groups.

If you have questions about our education token machine or would like to schedule delivery and setup, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to helping you have an improved learning environment in your classroom.